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Covering both domestic and international incidents in cyberspace


Reviewing the implementation of Cyber Security and Data Proteciton laws and strategies


Organizing conferences, seminars, live discussions as well as workshops

GDPR Briefing

GDPR One-Year Anniversary

“GDPR Briefing” was a joint project between our organization and Cyber Academy. This two-hour event is intended for representatives of ICT companies in Kosovo working with the EU market, solely for the purpose of acquainting with the General Data Protection Regulation – the core of Europe’s digital privacy legislation – and its practical implementation apropos of day-to-day business operations.

About us

Sense Cyber Research Center is a registered Non-Governmental Organization established on February of 2019

Our main objectives are to identify and address existing challenges in the field of Cyber Security and Data Protection, taking into account the domain of the regulatory and legal framework.

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Media Appearances

On April 24 2020, local media reported that a large banking instituion in Kosovo suffered a data breach incident as a result of a cyber-attack. That day we covered the story on Euronews Albania.

Arti Karahoda

Executive Director

Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Corporate Security

Erblind Morina

Security Researcher

Information Security, National Security, Banking

Nita Dragusha

Legal Analyst

Data Protection, Cyber Security & Corporate Law

Renata Bajrami

Legal Researcher

Data Protection, Civil Code, Interntional Affairs

Premtim Shaqiri

Security Researcher

Public Policy, National Security, Economics

Upcoming Events


Two Years of GDPR

5:00 pm - 6:00 pmFacebook

“Cyber Law” Conference

10:00 am - 3:00 pm