Google Fined Nearly €154 Million For Invading Children’s Privacy Through YouTube Kids

A new record fine for Google with reference to illegal harvesting of personal information

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Capital One Says Breach Hit 100 Million Individuals in U.S.

A firewall configuration vulnerability leads to yet another massive data breach. Names, addresses, dates of birth, credit scores/limits, balances, payment history, and contact information of more than 100 million credit card applicants in the United States alone were exposed in this security incident – said Capital One Financial Corp., the fifth-largest U.S. credit-card issuer.

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UK watchdog plans to fine Marriott £99m

The U.K. data protection authority said it will serve hotel giant Marriott with a £99 million ($123 million) fine for a data breach that exposed up to 383 million guests.

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British Airways Fined £183 Million Under GDPR Over 2018 Data Breach

Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) today hit British Airways with a record fine of £183 million for failing to protect the personal information of around half a million of its customers during last year’s security breach.

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The EU Cybersecurity Act enters into force (27 June 2019)

The Cybersecurity Act revamps and strengthens the EU Agency for cybersecurity (ENISA) and establishes an EU-wide cybersecurity certification framework for digital products, services and processes.

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EU to check for GDPR violations in Microsoft’s contracts with EU institutions

98EU starts investigation of Microsoft’s contracts with EU institutions after Dutch government report

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EU votes to create gigantic biometrics database

98EU Parliament green-lights the creation of the Common Identity Repository (CIR), a gigantic biometrics database.

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EU sees eIDAS regulation come into full force

A regulation aimed at cutting red tape to enable a digital single market in Europe will soon be in full force, but it could present some challenges to the UK after Brexit

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The US wants to copy Europe’s strict data privacy law – but only some of it

Lawmakers, lobbyists and CEOs in the U.S. are looking to trying to pick out the best parts of the EU law – and ditch what they see as the worst.

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Our Story

We are an established organization with a view on identifying and addressing existing challenges in the field of cyber security, taking into account the scope of the technical as well as the regulatory and legal framework.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the awareness of physical and legal persons on the importance of specific topics related to cybernetics, including, but not limited to: data privacy, intellectual property, identity theft, cyberattacks, and financial crimes in the digital world.

Our Activities

Organizing conferences, seminars, lectures or debates, workshops, as well as surveys related to the field of cyber space from a legal standpoint

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Performing research in order to ascertain certain stagnations or advances that will have an impact on the improvement of the field of cybernetics


Provision of both technical and legal consultancy in relation to natural and legal persons within legal boundaries


Organizing conferences, seminars, lectures or debates, workshops, as well as surveys related to the field of cyber space from a legal standpoint


Cyber Academy is one of the first institutions in the region that provides a hands-on program that dives deep into various subjects of technology with a focus on practical knowledge.

Cyber Academy

Sentry is the first international cyber security company founded in Kosovo that provides extensive services and products in the fields of finance, gov-tech, and blockchain technology.

Sentry Cybersecurity

Cyberlance is an online platform that gives cyber professionals the ability to grow their technical skills by providing them uniquely crafted cyber laboratories.



Arti Karahoda

Cyber Security Analyst

Erblind Morina

Programme Manager

Nita Dragusha

Cyber Law Researcher

Granit Beka

Cybersecurity Researcher

Renata Bajrami

Cyber Law Analyst


Data Protection in Kosovo

A general overview on how Privacy and Data Protection are defined in Kosovo, an outline on data protection legislation throughout the years, and the supervisory authority along with its court cases. Protection of personal data in Kosovo is a fundamental right which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. Article 36 of the Constitution stipulates that privacy and family life, inviolability of domicile, secrecy of correspondence, communication by phone and other means, and protection of personal data are guaranteed for each individual. Thus, the Constitution and the law guarantee implementation of some of the main International and European Conventions for the protection of human rights, fundamental freedoms and protocols.

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Takeaways from “GDPR Briefing”

“GDPR Briefing” elucidated vital concepts for the General Data Protection Regulation in an executive summary fashion. Representatives from various ICT businesses joined us for the two-hour event to familiarize with the legislative framework and the measures one should take to meet compliance requirements. This article will lay out the main takeaways from the briefing session. Regulation Overview While it is true that there have already been numerous cases since the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (‘GDPR’) became effective…

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“GDPR Briefing” Event

“GDPR Briefing” is a two-hour event intended for representatives of ICT companies in Kosovo working with the EU market, solely for the purpose of acquainting with the General Data Protection Regulation – the core of Europe’s digital privacy legislation – and its practical implementation apropos of day-to-day business operations.

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Cyber Law Conference 2019

In order to assist in raising the level of preparedness and improvement of overall functionality on this matter both locally and internationally, Sense Cyber Research Center is proposing to hold a “Cyber Law” Conference for the second time, after a successful event last year together with Innovation Center Kosovo and Sentry Cybersecurity in 2018.

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Cyber Law Conference 2018

The objectives of this conference consist on preparing our society, especially the students about different cyber crimes that occur everyday in our lives and help them realize the danger coming from cyberspace.

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About us

Sense Cyber Resarch Center is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established to identify and address the existing challenges in cyber space.

Contact Info

  Address: Prishtina 10000, Kosovo

  Telephone: +383 (0)44 844 000


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