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About Us

Why were we established?

While the explosive growth of computer systems and technology advancement has had an overall positive effect, it has also attracted an all-time high number of cyber criminals with various intentions, ranging from stealing personal and confidential information to intercepting private communications without authorization.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report claims that crimes in cyberspace will cost the global economy billions of euros and thousands of jobs being lost each year. The loss of these two elements is devastating, especially for the developing countries in the Balkans. Therefore, there is no time at which combating cybercrime does not matter.

Sense Organization

Sense Cyber Research Center (hereinafter “Sense”) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization established on February of 2019. Our main objectives are to identify and address existing challenges in the field of Cyber Security and Data Protection, considering the domain of the regulatory and legal framework.

Our Mission

As emerging fields in Kosovo, they are rather demanding subjects as both criminal and civil cases are covered such as privacy rights, computer crimes, cyberbullying, copyright violations, and defamation – to name a few. To fulfill our mission, we have set a number of objectives which will be discussed in the following section.

Organizational Background

The organization is comprised of recent graduates from different universities in Prishtina, Kosovo. Sense members’ educational background covers a range of topics such as Law, Information Technology (IT), Security, and Public Policy studies from the following institutions: University of Prishtina, RIT Kosovo (AUK), and ISPE, thus, forming a diverse, wide-spectrum expertise and an accomplished working team.


Just as with other spheres of political and social engagement, parallel to having established the governmental and legislative institutions in Kosovo that deal with cyberspace, there should also be research institutions from the civil society that would:
  • Conduct research studies,
  • Collaborate with institutions to raise citizen awareness campaigns,
  • Monitor the development progress in this field,
  • Participate in public policy cycle.

Currently, there are a great number of successful research organizations or think tanks in Kosovo that have demonstrated their role and impact on the political, social and academic sphere. They impact covers: firstly, informative spectrum-serving as reliable and credible sources of information whose publications are among the most cited; secondly, as civil society-well and correct representation of the role of civil society; and thirdly, the watchdog role-comparing to many other mechanism that hold government accountable such think tanks have been the best in performing this duty due to their realistic and independent research outcomes. However, these think tanks are mostly concerned in the fields such as politics, law, democracy, and economics – hence why Sense was established.